Drivers and staff 

At Albies our staffing team are the forefront of any operation, so with this in mind we pride ourselves upon the professional, courteous and friendly way in which our team deal with any situation, booking or general query. Whether this be drivers, passenger assistants, workshop technicians or office staff. Without any of these people we would not be where we are today. 

We thrive on team efforts to make sure every customers need is fulfilled in the most efficient and friendly way possible. 

We randomly select vehicle tracking shift reports weekly, which provides information upon speed, direction and driving hours. This helps monitor drivers and helps keep 100% satisfaction with all customers, staff and other road users. 

Office staff are trained and monitored ensuring 100% satisfaction with any communication weather this be by telephone, fax, email or face to face at our office premise’s, our office staff are also more than happy to visit any customer that wishes for more information or has a query they would like to run by us in their own working environment. 

Drivers are nvq trained and team taught, ensuring that the pleasant Albies traditions that have been portraying the town for the last 25 years are continued, and the same professional level of customer satisfaction is produced year after year!