The History of Albies

Brothers and business partners Andrew and Neil Kitchen who have built up the taxi and MOT business significantly, acquired Albies Taxis over 25 years ago.

Albies Taxis has grown from a four taxi business to one with a current fleet of over 150 vehicles including saloons, people carriers, minibuses up to sixteen seats and special needs vehicles which can take up to eight wheelchairs.


Albies taxis has helped bring many transport facilities to Great Yarmouth including the following:

First to have a wheelchair accessible vehicle, first 16 seat psv vehicle in the local area, first real time gps dispatch system, first executive taxi fleet in the area, first eco friendly fleet in great Yarmouth, first to have in car payment via chip and pin in great Yarmouth, first app taxi booking facility in great Yarmouth. Along with many more features that have helped get us to where we are today.

Albies Taxis has grown to become a sizeable employer with over 200 male and female taxi, private hire, minibus and coach drivers and other staff all based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.