Here at Albies we have the latest technological stsyems in the transport industry, including Masternaut fleet tracking and autocab taxi dispatch system, the number one quality booking and dispatching software, including ring and text back facilities to inform you once booked that your taxi is approaching your desired pick up location.  

We have a fully digital telephone system with automated call queuing, this can be avoided if your one of these people that doesn’t like listing to a computer. Every one of our phone calls is recorded for peace of mind when getting staff member to book jobs, our staff can also re-play booking calls to make sure 100% they have all the required information provided in the correct order etc. Also management select and replay calls at random for training and monitoring purposes, this helps us keep customer and staff satisfaction at its maximum. 

Masternaut tracking system provides us with real time gps tracking around the clock, we can check road closures, speed limits, vehicle speeds and vehicle locations all at the click of a button, our dispatch supervisor can see if the car is stationary, moving or switched off. We can provide journey routes and history’s all at the click of a button for any day or vehicle in question.  

Auto cab booking system provided real time data dispatch, this issues work to the nearest available car to reduce dead mileage and waiting time for all our customers. It prioritises jobs automatically making sure our account customers are looked after as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can send all the job information including flight info, names and required phone numbers (if needed) straight to the drivers terminals. So they have all the information required to find the correct person or location quickly and effectively.   

The system is equipped with extensive accounts packages, providing every account customer with detailed statements via email, fax or post of every taxi journey for that invoice period, account customers can set up user pass words and booking numbers and only when these match will a taxi be booked. As well as that we can also provide vast information of previous journeys including mapped route information for any selected journey should this be required.