Airport Transfers

Albies Taxis has been offering Airport Transfers to the General Public and Business from all over the UK and Europe for over 20 Years.  We pride ourselves upon our fleet of over 150 vehicles of all different shapes and sizes including larger vehicles for the comfort of Wheelchair users.

All standard vehicle types up to 8 seats are fitted with leather interior and Air Conditioning as standard. Albies can offer travel for up to 16 seats (per vehicle) to any of the UK’s Airports, Seaports and Train stations. All vehicles are equipped with plenty of space for Luggage and kit Bags. Every one of our 4-seater vehicles are Estate Cars ensuring that no matter the booking the maximum space is available for the number of passengers Traveling. All 8 seat Mini buses are long wheel base, ensuring that with even the most Kit Bags we are able to fit them in safely and securely.


Albies Taxis is one of the East coast’s largest independent specialists in Travel and Transport via road for Offshore personnel and Equipment. Albies conducts many Crew Change Journeys to and from many of the UKs air ports/Sea ports. Often serving the requirements of Vessels located within our local Harbour here in Great Yarmouth. 

Along with transportation for Personnel.  Albies Taxis Also provides Equipment logistics to and from local or National Airports/Seaports as required this can include one off transportation or daily supply runs too and from local heliports to aid the supply needs of Offshore Platforms. 

We are doing our part to aim towards zero co2 and a smaller carbon foot print. Albies are also researching the possibility of 100% electric vehicles.

Albies offers competitive rates for all Airport Travel at fixed prices. Friendly and professional drivers that will greet you In the Arrivals hall and assist with baggage as required. We have live updates in our office and vehicles to ensure that all staff members are aware of any delays or disruptions. This will ensure the least amount of waiting time is required for both the Driver and passengers.

A good suggestion for travel to especially the further Airports is the following seating arrangements for maximum comfort for all passengers. Please see below for traveling suggestions (please ensure 4-seater vehicles can carry 4 passengers but sometimes if there are 4 Adults the centre seat isn’t the most enjoyable way to travel upon a long journey).

Up to Three People with 4 Cases 4 Seat Car
Over 3 people up to 8 People 8 Seat Minubus
Over 8 People up to 16 People 16 Seater
Wheelchair up to 7 other People 8 Seater Minibus

Albies Taxis does not provide Booster or Baby seating directly for traveling. Licenced vehicles are exempt from carrying or using such items. However, it is advised that on longer journeys such seating is used for Maximum comfort and Safety. This seating can be supplied and fitted into our vehicles for the journey by the fayre paying Customer. Albies can store the seating as required for the return Collection Journey if required. All vehicles are fitted with ISO-FIX style fixings if required.