Greener today for a greener tomorrow

Albies are committed to the environment and are an ISO 14001 registered company with an environmental policy in place. We have an increasing number of new low-emmission (-100 CO2) vehicles, such as Toyota Prius, Auris hybrid electric vehicles and Volvos, renaults and many more vehicles being added each registration change by a minimum of four.

Woodland TrustAlbies Eco TravelISO-14001 Registered

Albies Eco-friendly Cars

We have invested in the latest technological systems available in the transport industry to bring an advanced and superior service for all our clients. Autocab is the number one system; it consists of a quality booking and dispatch software. This enables us to locate the exact whereabouts of any of our vehicles with a mere click of a button. It looks at the position of the vehicle via a GPS satellite link and automatically dispatches the job to the nearest vehicle to the location requested by the customer. This is important not only to the customer, whose waiting time is dramatically reduced, but it is also extremely beneficial for the environment as it helps us reduce our carbon emissions. This only works really well with large fleets as having more cars means less dead mileage.

Further to this, Albies are Carbon Offsetting, reducing carbon emissions, by investing in conservation and planting more trees with the Woodland Trust to absorb more carbon. By using carbon offsetting we can reduce the carbon in the atmosphere by the same amount we have added, thus making your journey carbon neutral!

We are doing our part to aim towards zero co2 and a smaller carbon foot print. Albies are also researching the possibility of 100% electric vehicles.

You can do your bit to help too!

To help customers help us even more towards lowering the carbon produced you can save tyre wear on your own vehicle by simply inflating with our all new nitrogen inflation system, it saves on tyre ware and can even improve mpg. See our garage website for more information.