Albies Taxis prides is self on its Fleet of over 50 Hackney Carriage vehicles, these are vehicles that are licenced by the Great Yarmouth Brough Council to not only carry out booked work through our Office and Booking Platforms. But unlike the rest of the fleet that is made up of Private Hire vehicles. These specifically licenced vehicles can also collect Flagged Work from the side of the street (providing the vehicle isn’t already on Hire or on the way to a booking) by anyone that sees the illuminated TAXI roof light driving toward them.  These vehicles (some of which are specifically designed and manufactured to be wheelchair accessible purpose built taxis) can sit on one of the Many Taxi Ranks located within Great Yarmouth. Providing members of the Public and Corporate personnel the opportunity to walk up and Hire the vehicle from the Taxi Stand/Rank.

Albies TaxiAlbies 8 Seat TaxiALbies 16 Seat Minibus

Aside the Hackney carriage vehicles the rest of the 150 vehicle fleet is made up from Private Hire vehicles which vary from 1-4 Passengers to 8 passengers and even up to 16 passengers in our PSV Licenced 16 seaters.  (Albies do Advise any 8+ Person Bookings are made at least 48 Hours in advance)
These vehicles can be booked via the telephone directly to Albies. for immediate dispatch (depending on current work waiting times) or future bookings.

We are doing our part to aim towards zero co2 and a smaller carbon foot print. Albies are also researching the possibility of 100% electric vehicles.

Anyone is also Able to book via our website Booking links and even by using Albies 4g Mobile App. Albies Taxi office runs 24 Hours a Day 7 days a week 365 Days a year to provide transport to and from Anywhere in the UK or Europe at any time required.